During The Monaco Yacht Show, Feadship Debuted Their 85-Meter Slice Idea

A preview of Feadship’s next 85-meter superyacht design, Slice, has been released ahead of its formal debut next week at […]

A preview of Feadship’s next 85-meter superyacht design, Slice, has been released ahead of its formal debut next week at the Monaco Yacht Show. In 2006, Feadship started using concept designs to stimulate research and design debate. X-Stream was followed by many more groundbreaking ideas, such as F-Stream, Aeon, Royale, Choice, and Pure. These in-depth looks into the expected expectations of the future generation of Feadship owners were founded on insightful customer input, lengthy brainstorming & discovery sessions, and extensive research. The 11th Feadship idea, Slice, was designed by De Voogt Naval Architects and combined the sculptural external philosophy of the Pure concept (which was shown the previous year) with a new interior. The 110-square-metre multilevel pool deck in the yacht’s rear is a prime example of the designer’s emphasis on flooding the lower decks with natural light. Like the other “Future Concepts” from Feadship, Slice is envisioned as the future yacht, displaying the industry’s potential to prospective buyers. In addition to being built to withstand the elements, the yacht is also prepared for advances in environmentally friendly propulsion systems. Slice can cruise at 16 knots in comfort and efficiency because of her variable speed generators and ability to run on various non-fossil fuels. The design is futuristic because it allows for the (re)fitting of more powerful and longer-lasting fuel cell systems and batteries. Ultimately, the energy bunkered will determine whether or not net-zero carbon operations are possible. Slice is adaptable, so she can be ready for whatever propulsion alternatives emerge over the next decade or for rapid construction and delivery in 2027.

Tanno Weeda & Chris Bottoms, two designers behind the new look, will be at the Feadship booth next week to introduce their work and answer questions from curious onlookers. Engineers have dubbed her “fuel agnostic” since she can run on any fuel. In a statement, Feadship mentioned running two Azimuthing pods on a combination of methanol and non-fossil fuel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil – HVO). Privacy was also a priority throughout the design process, so they included a full-height section with a passerelle that opens with the push of a button so visitors may discreetly retreat within.

Feadship hired Dutch designer Marco van Ham and specifically demanded that he not use teak anywhere in the vessel’s interior. Backlit marbles, onyx, liquid metals, silver leaf, shagreen, and straw marquetry are instead utilised throughout the interior. Subtle nuances like undulating lines and a mix of glossy and matte materials combine to create an upscale ambience. You may expect a peak speed of 16 knots, with room for 20 passengers (or 12 for business).

The yacht may be built now, with a possible delivery date of early 2027. Feadship aimed to create a yacht with an open and private aft pool and sundecks with sea views and privacy from passers-by and couriers parked in port with their creation of Slice. Slice has an entirely constructed passerelle and watertight front entry to provide a dry berth while moored bow-in.

After a short walk from the dock, visitors enter the yacht’s private and secure interior via a passerelle that opens in the stem at the main deck level and leads them to a welcoming space in front of the yacht’s tender bays.